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Rosy Blue Study

World IT Consulting reduces errors nearly 80% and improves enterprise-wide control for Rosy Blue

Shrinkage and training costs reduced while security of inventory and systems improved

Company Background

Rosy Blue is one of the largest diamond and jewellery companies in the world with sales exceeding USD 2 billion. Their operations cover diamond trading, certificated diamond trading, diamond manufacturing, jewellery manufacturing and retailing. The company has office and factories worldwide. They perform diamond trading in India, Belgium, United States, United Arab Emerates, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia. They have diamond factories in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Armenia and South Africa. They have jewellery retail, trading, and manufacturing in India, United States, China/Hong Kong and Japan.

Scope of ProjectWorld IT Consulting Developed the IT Strategy and Implemented a Global Communications Structure for Rosy Blue

World IT Consulting was engaged to help them move their current XE Enterprise and Deployment server to new models, integrating JD Edwards E8.12 with Data Systems International dcLink software using the Oracle application server 10G. The areas covered were inventory management, finance, customer service, manufacturing and sales. The specific functional areas addressed by the DSI portion of this assignment were manufacturing management, sales order management, memo sales management, sales confirmation, certification processes, inventory receiving and cycle counting, inventory transfers, packet transactions, cost inquiry, and work-in-process transactions.

Benefits Achieved

Improved Inventory Management

  • Worldwide inventory visibility and sharing
  • Minimized Inventory holding times
  • Inventory analysis for moving/non-moving segments

Better Credit Management

  • Monitoring of consolidated customer credit limits
  • Better management of exposure to countries and large customers

Improved Customer Service

  • Better tracking of customer purchasing trends
  • Improved recognition of standard customer requirements regardless of location
  • Increased cross selling across segments

Manufacturing Improvements

  • Monitoring and reduction of manufacturing cycle times
  • Ability to compare yields across factories to improve overall efficiency
  • Ability to determine product mix based on yield forcasting

Tracking of Diamonds

  • Track from rough until polished/jewellery process and on to customer
  • Track customer off-take of specific diamonds

Improvements in Sales Forecasting

  • Increased ability to forecast sales across product types

Other Benefits Included

  • Errors were reduced by nearly 80%
  • Increased the number of transactions handled by data entry 100%
  • Inventory visibility improved allowing supervisors to know which department and which owrker has which diamond parcel
  • Loss of stones reduced
  • Training cost for new operators was reduced
  • Security was increase due to implementation of finger scanning technology