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Projects Executed

Management Consultancy Projects Executed

While we cannot list all of the projects for which we have been engaged, we can list some examples of the work we do. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation and find out just how knowledgeable our team of experts are.

Diversification strategy for a large cement company based in Saudi Arabia

Objective: To provide to the client a sound diversification strategy

The project involved understanding the strategic intent of the senior management for diversification. Based on the interviews with the client Gypsum products was short-listed as the related diversification area for the client. The hypothesis on attractiveness of the gypsum products was required to be validated with market research and analysis. Target markets were selected in consultation with the client and data was collected using primary and secondary market research. Market analysis for short-listed markets was done using Five forces model and SWOT analysis framework was used for competitor analysis. Based on the market research data future demand and supply was forecasted using the statistical tools and scenarios were developed for the demand-supply gap. Potential revenues were forecasted based on the gaps and a high level business plan was generated for the client. The business plan included high level financial ratios indicating the Pay-back period, Internal rate of return etc.

New Product selection strategy for introducing new product for a chemical company

Objective: To provide a framework for new product selection factoring in all the strategic and operational considerations.

Set of shortlisted products had to be compared with the other similar products. It was important to understand whether the client intended to launch new product in existing markets, existing product in new markets or venture into uncharted territory of launching new product in a new product. Based on the scenarios various factors were deduced which should be used for shortlisting the product. The process was divided into a two step process. The first step involved high level market study including the regulatory scenario, this being a chemical product and competitor study. Also studied was the market attractiveness with respect to the product and ease of realizing the opportunity in the market. Based on the findings scores were allotted to the various factors and product-country combination with highest set of scores on the grid was shortlisted. The product-country combination was put through a second set of tests again using with emphasis on the operational issues like manufacturing/ sourcing of the products, distribution of the products to the desired markets. Possible changes in the scenario of the market were analyzed using the PEST framework. Based on the analysis scores were allotted to the various factors and product-country with the highest set of score in the grid was selected.

Market information was sourced on the shortlisted market and product using the research agencies and this was used to forecast the revenues which can be generated. The deliverable also included a format for preparing the business plan with the key financial and operational ratios. The ratios are the pointer towards the feasibility of the product launch for the company. Additional considerations were the sensitivity analysis of these ratios with respect to the factors like commodity costs, impact of changes in sales volume, price, entry of new player etc.

The framework is expected to be used as a comprehensive tool to facilitate the decision of selection of new product to be launched into the market.

Client: Rosy Blue

Profile: Large Diamond and Jewellery Company

World IT Consulting developed an information technology blue-print for this customer. We then assisted them in selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning software package and implemented it across 14 locations world-wide.

Client: Qassim Cement (Saudi Arabia)

Profile: A large cement company in Saudi Arabia

World IT Consulting was engaged by Qassim Cement to reengineer their entire information technology system. We reviewed their current systmes and processes and decided on a reengineering project that would incorporate changes in their current point-of-sale system and add an Enterprise Resource Package. The ERP system we implemented gave them more robust and flexible dispatching capabilities along with providing management better visibility into transactional trends.

The Results included better customer service (based on a survey taken of customers and transporters), a reduction in truck cycle times and an increase in daily revenues generated.

Client: National Drilling Company (Abu Dhabi)

Profile: Oil and Gas Exploration and Pumping Company

World IT Consulting was engaged to review the organizational structure and workload of Abu Dhabi's national drilling company to identify potential operational improvement opportunities in the wake of a two-year-old implementation of the SAP system. We recommended the merger of several departments in the finance division, a reduction in senior personnel, and the addition of line-level staff.