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World IT Consulting's Internet Privacy Policy

We Value Our Customer's

We value you as a customer and share your concerns about information security and privacy. We have developed the following statement to help you understand how we treat the information you provide to us. We don't like spam, so we don't create it, and we don't condone it.

Information Sharing

We do not sell or share the information you provide to us with persons, companies, or organizations outside of those whom we entrust to provide your communications to us (internet providers) and those with whom we partner to provide you with our products and services (Paypal and the shipping companies we employ for delivery of our paintings). We are very specific about this, and should we have any question as to whether we may provide your information to a third party, we will contact you first if you have not already given us permission to do so in advance.

How We Handle Information Obtained Via Inquiry

Inquiries made to us using the email addresses provided on this site are kept in the strictest of confidence and will only be disclosed to parties necessary to provide you with an answer to your inquiry. The only communication authorized by World IT Consulting is that communication required to satisfy your inquiry.

Resolution of Suspected Violation's of This Policy

If at any time you feel this policy has been violated, please contact us immediately. We take violation notices very seriously and any breech of this policy over which we have control will be dealt with quickly. Should you request a response, we will communicate with you in the manner of your choosing as soon as the error has been corrected, provided a remedy is within our control.