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RAPID Case Study

World IT Consulting Improves Gold Measurement Accuracy for Inter-Gold

Company Background

Inter-Gold is one of the larges jewellery companies in the world with annual sales exceeding USD 50 Million. World IT Consulting was contracted to develop an IT strategy that would provide improvement in the areas of customer contract management, materials issue, production, sales, customer service and inventory management.

Scope of Project

World IT Consulting was engaged to develop and IT Strategy, select an ERP System, define the network structure and implement, customize, and integrate all systems. The areas covered were customer contract management, Gold Flask™ and material issue.

Solutions Provided

This case presented several issues that needed well thoughtout planning and pinpoint execution to solve. While the specific issues remain confidential, the solutions we provided are many, and include:

Customer Contract Management

  • Cost calculation capabilities at order placement
  • Cost calculation capabilities at order completion
  • Annual customer contract review for capturing gold loss, diamond price by size, and gold price by purity

Gold Flask™

  • Ability to determine gold and alloy composition required to achieve karatage
  • Ability to generate work orders based on composition
  • Ability to record gold consumption at packaging stage

Material Issue

  • Ability to record issues in dual unit of measure, i.e. Karats and Number of Pieces
  • Ability to record consumption in dual unit of measure
  • Ability to record dual unit of measure for diamonds and findings

Benefits Achieved

Better sales order management

  • Better handling of sales agreements with predefined rules
  • Ability to define designs with use of configurator at sales order stage
  • Ability to better manage exposure to countries and exhange rates

Improved Customer Service

  • Track customer purchase trends
  • Identify usual customer requirements
  • Manage sales across different segments (retail, wholesale, in-house)

Manufacturing Improvements

  • Monitor and reduce gold loss
  • Exact design specifications improving quality
  • Determine gold mix based composiiton

Improved Inventory Management

  • Dual unit of measure ensures accuracy
  • Location-wise consumption records for every work order